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For immediate release July 8th 2019 

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Former Virginia Congressman Scott Taylor Announces Bid for U.S. Senate: 
“This race is on, and all bets are off.”

Richmond, VA - This morning on Fox and Friends, former Congressman, Virginia Delegate, and Navy SEAL Scott Taylor announced his intention to challenge Senator Mark Warner for U.S. Senate in 2020. “There’s a leadership crisis in Virginia, and almost daily, I am hearing voices for change in Virginia. I hear them at that gas station, at restaurants, on the beach, everywhere I go…and their voices are getting louder. They call to me, they motivate me, and they make me realize - I’m not done serving. Not just yet”. 

Mark Warner arrived to Washington as a pragmatic centrist, and since then has steadily marched to the left. While presenting himself as a bipartisan centrist, Warner’s actions and voting record reveal a failure to secure significant achievement in twelve years in Washington. The New York Times reported of Warner: “...he has slogged through life in the Senate with few signature achievements, never quite finding his moment.”  Senator Warner has further propelled the traitorous, false narrative of presidential collusion, using his position on the intelligence committee for political gain.

Virginians need less sensationalized banter from career politicians and more effective progress from sincere leaders.  Taylor’s voting history speaks to his ability to represent constituents through political advocacy.  Taylor’s life is defined by his call to service, exemplified by his prior military and political experiences.  Virginians deserve a representative in Washington whose agenda is greater than him or herself – a theme that has prevailed throughout Taylor’s life.  Taylor’s legislative accomplishments are numerous and diverse in impact, ranging from helping to secure funding for Virginia’s base infrastructure needs and for the Chesapeake Bay, to accountability at the Veterans Administration, to passing the Ashanti Alert Act for missing adults. 

“Our state needs leadership. I’m a believer in term limits, and twelve ineffective years is enough. Mark Warner’s actual votes have been bad for our businesses, our borders, and our babies’ lives. Lastly, Mark Warner’s betrayal of trust to Virginians and Americans, lying to us about collusion, while doing nothing to secure our elections for the future is disqualifying”.

“Yes, we are the underdog in this race. But, isn’t that what makes life so interesting?  No matter what pundits or polls predict, this race is on, and all bets are off. We need a change in Washington and that starts with what will be a stunning upset of Mark Warner in 2020 - I wouldn’t be in this race if I didn’t know it was possible.”




About Scott Taylor:  Scott Taylor was raised by his mother, a single parent, in a small town on the Eastern Shore. School, athletics, and early employment taught Taylor responsibility and strong work ethic — but most influential in building his character was his impactful mentorship from the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. Through these positive influences, Taylor overcame the considerable odds against him to become a Navy SEAL. After 9/11, Taylor re-enlisted and deployed to Iraq where he sustained serious injuries on a combat mission during Operation Iraqi Freedom. When he returned stateside, he became a successful real estate developer and used the G.I. bill to receive a degree from Harvard.  Taylor again felt called to serve; he was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates (2014-16) and then to the U.S. Congress in 2016, defeating a 16-year incumbent.  While in Congress, he was appointed to the House Appropriations committee and served on the Homeland Security, Military Construction/Veterans Affairs, and Legislative Branch subcommittees.  In addition to securing important funding for the military and long overdue VA reform, he helped pass the Ashanti Alert Act, which was signed into law in 2018. Taylor has been looked to as a leader by his peers and the media for his domestic and foreign policy knowledge. He resides in Virginia Beach. 

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